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Unspoken Desires: Your Personal Sigil Experience April 6-27th BOOK NOW

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We all have hidden desires. What if you could release them into the world without speaking them aloud? unspoken desires uses the visual symbolism of sigils to discuss the silenced desires of women. Taking as its starting point those hidden wants held by women in classic Hollywood cinema, when gender roles were more overtly defined,  this ongoing project will become a one-to-one virtual performance. Asking you to confess the deepest desires you've never told anyone, your personal sigil will be created and then destroyed to be released into the ether guided toward its fate.

Welcome to Unspoken Desires, your personal sigil experience. Please take the time to review all information below before attending. You must initial and return this text before attending the session. If you need this information presented differently, such as in large print or in audio format, please contact


Your session will last between 10 and 15 minutes. During this time, you will have the opportunity to meet with a sigilist. Sigilists work at visualizing the language of desire in order to help guide intentions into the ether and toward their fulfillment. A sigilist is only a guide for your desires – much of the actual work will come from you. Once your sigil is created, your meditation on that sigil is what will prove the most powerful in determining its success.


There are many different ways of creating a sigil. The method employed here is one using quintessential feminine energy, as it promotes internal reflection, emotional wealth, calmness and acceptance. This energy will be balanced with masculine energy through the upward moving energy in the destruction of the physical form and the release of the desire at the end of the meeting. The number 8 is used here as a symbol of balance, new beginnings and the infinite. These are all intended to help bring a successful outcome to your desire.


Upon entering the room, you will be asked to share aloud a desire you haven’t shared with others. Please plan this desire in advance and create it in the form of a future “I” statement. That is to say, this desire should focus on you, personally, rather than wishing something about or for another person, as the sigil will only work when experienced by the person in question. For example, rather than wishing a sick friend of yours gets well, you might express your desire as “I will be surrounded by friends in good health”.


Your desire will remain confidential between you and your sigilist, unless there is any concern for yours or someone else’s well-being. You will never need to reveal your sigil’s meaning to anyone else unless you want to. At the end of the session, there will be no physical remnant of your personal sigil. 


Please consider the privacy and arrangement of your space during your sigil session. You should feel able to speak freely and to be in a space where you will be most likely to achieve a tranquil state. A quiet space with a comfortable seat is best. Low lighting, candles, or incense might help you achieve a sense of calm.


Please be sure to arrive on time for your session using the Zoom link provided and wait for your sigilist to let you into the room. Remember, this is a one-on-one session that should be attended by you alone, unless you have any special needs, which require another person to be present. If you have any requirements (translation, visual, hearing, etc.) in order to make this session work for you, please contact in advance of your session. All are welcome.

Need help formulating your desire?


 Try thinking of future goals surrounding some of life’s tenets:

-                Love

-                Mindfulness

-                Character

-                Career

-                Peace


Keep it simple. 

-                Your desire should be able to be expressed in one sentence.

-                In this session, we’ll only have time to create 1 sigil, but if 

                   you find this method useful, you can continue to practice 

                   on your own with future desires.


Use a future “I” statement. This can be specific or general. For example:

-                I will be successful.

-                I can achieve independence.

-                I am going to thrive at my new job.

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Sigils: A Reference Guide

Hand-drawn gel pen on paper 

50cm x 70cm



unspoken desires

paper, vellum, film stills, marker, Series of 5

15cm x 10cm (each)



 © 2021  giacinta frisillo

This project was made possible by funding from:

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Special thanks for support to:

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