Unspoken Desires: Your Personal Sigil Experience April 6-27th BOOK NOW

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Sigils: A Reference Guide

Hand-drawn gel pen on paper 

50cm x 70cm



We all have hidden desires. What if you could release them into the world without speaking them aloud? unspoken desires uses the visual symbolism of sigils to discuss the silenced desires of women. Taking as its starting point those hidden wants held by women in classic Hollywood cinema, when gender roles were more overtly defined,  this ongoing project will become a one-to-one virtual performance. Asking you to confess the deepest desires you've never told anyone, your personal sigil will be created and then destroyed to be released into the ether guided toward its fate.


unspoken desires

paper, vellum, film stills, marker, Series of 5

15cm x 10cm (each)


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