Strands is a collaboration with Martina Morger. As a performance, the work discusses women’s bodies and their relationship with both the natural and manmade worlds. In a female collaborative performance, we gleaned beach glass, acting as gatherers, as did our ancestors, and considered shapes: bending bodies, landscapes, found shards and the value of antiques versus the value of aging women.

Linguistically, "strand" means many things: a beach, a thin fibre holding things together and, opposingly as a verb, to leave someone disconnected. These definitions act in dialogue with my consideration of many expectations placed on women. This title will work as an overarching theme to our multi-dimensional installation, which will include a film screening, screenprints, a sculptural installment of found glass, and 10 small artist books.

In preparation for this piece, we have researched into many different texts including Silvia Federici’s Re-enchanting the World and Astrida Neimanis’ Hydrofeminism, or: On Becoming a Body of Water and found many words of interest, which will become the titles and themes of each of our forthcoming artist books:


Grace, Hope, Solace, Enchantment, Yin, Inclinations, Gesture, Compulsion, Reclamation, and Reconstruction. 

Video still of strands documentary. 

Inclinations cover page

Video still of strands documentary. 

Page from Inclinations 

Video still of strands documentary. 

Grace cover page