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Magari - interjection

    1. Maybe, perhaps

    2. I wish

    3. If only...

Medigan – noun


  1. a non-Italian American

  2. an Italian who has lost her roots

my roots are lost to voicelessness.

to womanhood.

to dementia.

to moving back across a sea.

to nonny. (not nonnina.) (not nonna.)



my name carries the burden of generations.





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Magari! is a non-traditional print show that considers the effects of dementia on tradition along with societal and familial expectation and the narrow margin between independence and loneliness. 

The exhibition debuted at The Project Space Gallery at Glasgow School of Art in May 2019 and consisted of 9 printed ceramic plates, a printed tablecloth, and an ambient, disconcerting sound collage (above), which includes found radio recordings from the 1930s, mimicking the sounds always playing in my grandmother's kitchen.

Curation consultation: Isabelle Thul.

Recently, this project has been reconsidered as a collaborative response piece with poet, story-teller, performance artist, and man entranced by food, Sean Wai Keung. Stay tuned for more on that project in the coming months. 


Inkjet water slide decals on dinner plates

Series of 9

Iron-on transfer on tablecloth


Exhibition Photographs by Isabelle Thul

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