drawing the line is a collaborative durational sewing project, conceived and created with artist Santos Ocasio. here, we've sewn work based on the concept of playing chess together, as the fabric grid mimics that of a chess board, and we thought about the idea of people playing chess together across long distances, via letters to one another. for 32 days (half the number of squares on our fabrics), we alternated giving each other directives, chose numbered squares for the other to sew inside of, and created oppositional pieces – Santos' on black fabric, giacinta's on white.

through this game, we explored different ways of communicating in a controlled, yet creative way.  this led us to thinking about displacement and separation happening to people throughout the world and the lengths they go to, in order to remain connected. 

“Drawing is the art of taking a line for a walk” – Paul Klee 


we have chosen to take this game into a more public realm, holding our initial workshop at Tchai Ovna in Glasgow, inviting others to share their work across time and space. sometimes, the sewing will take place directly after the instruction is given. other times, it might not.  

as this project continues to evolve, we will create a publication of photos and experiences. for now, the documentation and artistic pieces and can be found on Instagram @drawing.the.line 

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