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This work was designed in collaboration between giacinta frisillo and Alexandra Santos Ocasio who are separated in space by the Atlantic Ocean. Sky//Cielo is our attempt to connect with one another, our loved ones who are scattered across the world, and everyone who visits the exhibit, by reminding ourselves that we share the same sky.


Originally two separate, but likeminded projects, giacinta took to photographing the sky daily through her studio window knowing the historic ex-hospital building would soon be redeveloped while Alexandra collected videos from friends in various locations around the world. Here, we’ve linked years of videos from far and wide and situated them through the deconstructed windowpanes of the studio.


We hope to create a sympathetic space to relax, chat, meditate - even nap. We hope this will soothe the impact of the isolation that we have all experienced by facilitating interpersonal connections anew. We ask visitors to remain as long as you like.


Postcards are available in the writing space to help connect those within the room and those without.


This project will continue to be shown in various locations, as well as becoming a virtual archive of sky submissions sent to us by our friends and open to the public. 

The first incarnation of this exhibit was at Kiosk Glasgow 11-14 May 2023 with curatorial support from Tommaso "Masaccio" Ranfagni. 

Video footage submitted from around the world; edited by Alexandra Santos Ocasio

Video footage submitted from around the world;

edited by giacinta frisillo

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