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The Department at Skypark, curated by Giulia Colletti, is a project that invites selected Glasgow School of Art students to explore the aspects of care, intimacy, and warmth of Skypark and how these affect tenants’ and staff’s experience of work. The Department is part of Skypark’s Curatorial Fellowship 2019 with The Glasgow School of Art.

martina morger & giacinta frisillo worked as an artistic duo, collaborating with Skypark’s personal trainer to
investigate body language and hidden labour in relationship with the corporate world.

The Oasis @ Above and Beyond consists of a full room installation including a workout video, grass carpet, text, and scent. The extension of the installation was also experienced through an audio installation in one of the elevators, and a second video that played on three small displays along with a third video on a big screen, both found in the lobby area.

Soundtrack: Jellyfish Bloom Suite

                       by Big Voyage

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