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Greater Govanhill is a solutions-focused community magazine, which launched in December 2020.

Govanhill is one of the most diverse and interesting places to live in Scotland. It has a wealth of community projects, independent retailers and a vibrant atmosphere.

We know that a multitude of cultures, languages and social groups co-exist in Govanhill, often happily, but we are also aware that fear, othering and isolation are problems, too.

This is why we created a FREE magazine, both in print and online, to celebrate the differences that make Govanhill so special, shining a light on the people and projects at work in the area, and bringing them together.


The publication, run from a community interest company, is not-for-profit. We also launched an accompanying radio show and podcast found on Radio Buena Vida

I have been writing and illustrating for Greater Govanhill since the first issue and have been named a feature contributor in issue two. I have also served as a presenter on two radio shows and have contributed interviews

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illustrations by giacinta frisillo

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Greater Govanhill Style Icons


Interviews by giacinta frisillo

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