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a common thread 

2019 Graduate Degree Show Submission

Glasgow School of Art

MLitt in Fine Arts: Printmaking

a common thread

there is danger
in the landscape
of meaningless symbols.

but what about
(are there) meaningful ones?

the rope that ties your boat to shore.
the umbilical cord that keeps you fed.
your rock of gibraltar.
the ball and chain.

what is it of

this collection of colors?
the eigengrau.
the time we trace.
the fear that


is everything.

and is it enough

to leave our mark

buried beneath a rock?

a common thread, i-iii


Triptych, 100cm x 70cm (each)

Edition of 5


photographs 8.jpg
a common thread

Images: Wassili Widmer

the string

Run Time 17m

Text from Muriel Strode's A Soul's Faring


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